Danone has worked closely with the White House, through Operation Fly Formula, and the FDA to help address the formula shortage in the U.S. It’s been our priority to continue to find ways to increase production and push for more supply.

We’ve committed to introducing more than 1.3 million cans of Aptamil, Europe’s #1 baby formula brand, and increased our supply of Neocate®, specialized hypoallergenic medical foods, to retail shelves and medical distributors across the U.S. We have significantly ramped up our production across our manufacturing facilities.

Finding a formula that works for your little one can be challenging, and our team is working tirelessly to keep shelves stocked for you.

Trusted Brand By Parents

“We had our baby on a different brand of milk and it didn’t agree with him whatsoever, changed to this and it made so much of a difference straight away. We have a much happier baby who loves his bottles!”

S Marshall Aptamil Parent

“To put it simply, Neocate saved my daughter’s life. She gained weight and her stomach distress virtually disappeared. Gentle and easy to use, Neocate wasn’t a band aid to temporarily get us by. Neocate was made our choice due to circumstances, but in the end it has become our choice. Neocate gave us happiness. It gave us life.” Read More

Melissa S. Neocate Parent

“When my wife’s milk production slowed due to some health issues, she did a ton of research for an organic formula and decided to try this one. It’s been fantastic!”

Tyler B. Happy Baby Parent